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Subspecialist in Urogynaecology and Pelvic Floor Reconstructive Surgery

About Breffini

Dr Breffini Anglim O'Regan is a Consultant Obstetrician Gynaecologist and a Subspecialist in Urogynaecology and Pelvic Floor Reconstructive Surgery in the Coombe Hospital.

She is passionate about women's health, both from a gynaecological and an obstetric perspective. She believes in personalised, informed care. She is committed to supporting women during their pregnancy and to informing them on what to expect around the time of labour and delivery. She is a highly trained gynaecological surgeon performing complex minimally invasive surgery.

Education and training
She graduated in medicine from University College Dublin. Throughout her career she has worked in leading hospitals, both in Ireland and abroad. She completed a fellowship in Urogynaecology and Pelvic Floor Reconstructive Surgery at the prestigious University of Toronto, Canada. She completed a Masters in Healthcare Management from RCSI in 2017 and earned a Doctor of Medicine from UCD in 2020.

Breffini has a strong interest in research and an extensive publication history. See 'My Research'. She has received many scholarships and awards, including the Richard Steeven's Scholarship for her fellowship in Canada.

A personal touch
Breffini lives in Dublin with her husband Brian and son Morgan and daughter Eloise. She is an avid runner and a keen tennis player. From a very young age she has loved to paint, draw and turn her hand to anything artistic. This is a painting for which Breffini was awarded first place in the RCPI Jubilee Art Competition, which is currently hanging in the Royal College of Physicians in Dublin.



Pelvic Organ Prolapse
As many as 10-15% of women experience pelvic organ prolapse and suffer with vaginal pressure or bulge. The delivery of a child through the birth canal can weaken the pelvic floor muscular support and the organs that are supported by it (the uterus, bladder and rectum) causing prolapse. Thankfully more and more women are talking about pelvic floor issues and it is no longer a taboo subject. A wide range of surgical and non-surgical options are available to women. Treatment options are individualised and Breffini will work with you to manage your symptoms and improve your quality of life.

Urinary incontinence
Urinary incontinence is very common and can occur in 10-15% of the women. Women may experience leaking when they cough, sneeze or walk which is due to weakened pelvic floor support. Others may experience leakage due to urgency and may not reach the bathroom in a timely manner. This is due to overactivity of the bladder muscle itself. Both of these are very manageable symptoms and need not be tolerated. Both surgical and non- surgical options exist and Breffini is happy to help manage your symptoms whichever way you feel is best suited to you.

Menstrual Disorders
Menstrual disorders including pelvic pain, heavy periods and irregular bleeding may become problematic during a woman's reproductive life. Some of these symptoms can be managed with medications, however surgery in the form of hysteroscopy or laparoscopy (minimal access surgery) may be required in some cases. Breffini will work with you to develop a management plan that is best suited to you.

Menopausal Symptoms
The transition into menopause can be a difficult time for many women. Symptoms include hot flashes, brain fog, joint pain, change in mood and low libido. Vaginal Symptoms can include vaginal dryness, vaginal pain, sexual discomfort and hot flashes. These symptoms are troubling for women but they can be easily treated. Quality of life during this transitionary phase of your life should not be compromised. Breffini aims to help and guide you through this stage of your life.

Antenatal care/ Obstetrics

Your Antenatal Journey
Pregnancy is a journey which can be easy for some women, and may present unanticipated stresses for others. Breffini is very privileged to have looked after hundreds of women as they have gone through this journey and has managed both straight-forward and complex pregnancies. Her extensive training and expertise, and her personal experience will keep you and your baby safe on this journey.

As an expert in pelvic floor health, Breffini is passionate about informing and educating women about optimisation of their pelvic floor health during pregnancy and after the birth of their baby. As an avid runner who continued to run and exercise during her pregnancy, I have great insight into antenatal and postnatal nutrition and exercise, and care of the pelvic floor at such a vulnerable period of a woman's life.

Breffini has extensive experience in obstetric ultrasound and will be able to reassure you and your partner during your clinic visits and if you have any concerns outside of these visits. She will work with you and your partner and discuss any birth preferences you may have.

At each clinic visit she will be able to discuss any questions or concerns that you may have. This may include early pregnancy screening, second trimester anomaly scans and any concerns or questions you may have around the birth of your child.

Your Baby's Birth
The birth of your child may cause you anxiety and worry as you approach the delivery date. This feeling is very normal. Breffini will happily discuss your preferences relating to your delivery and make this period as easy and stress free as possible for you. Breffini has delivered hundreds of babies by vaginal and caesarean delivery and will make this experience as enjoyable as possible for you and your partner.

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